Inside Industry Focus

Ebullated-bed residue hydrocracking

Discover why residue upgrading through the application of ebullated-bed hydrocracking is a well established, commercially proven technology due to the improved crude flexibility now achievable.

Catalytic dewaxing

Learn how refiners are using catalytic dewaxing as a process for improving the cold flow properties of diesel and lubricating oils.

Aromatic saturation technology

Understand why many refiners are upgrading light cycle oil (LCO) in an existing hydrodesulphurisation (HDS) unit using aromatic saturation technology.

Distillate mild hydrocracking

Understand how a distillate hydrotreater (DHT) can be revamped at a low cost into a distillate mild hydrocracker (DMHC) to meet specifications and capture additional margin.

Archive issues of Hydrocarbon Processing Supplements

Moving the operating window

An in-depth look at some high-performing revamping and upgrading projects that are helping refiners to capture additional margin from existing assets.