Shell has been developing gasification technology since 1956. The Shell Coal Gasification Process can monetize refinery residues and heavy oils to make a truly ‘bottomless refinery’.

The Shell Coal Gasification process is available in two line-ups, and can handle a variety of feeds, from high- to low-quality coal, even biomass. Customers use the syngas to generate power or as feedstock to further chemical processes such as fertilizer. One of the key advantages of gasification is that CO2 can be captured for storage.

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Why Gasification?

Gasification is a clean and reliable way to create synthesis gas (syngas) from low-value feedstocks to produce high-value products and power.

Residue Gasification

Shell’s Gasification Process, when integrated with upgrading and treating technologies, converts a wide range of low-value refinery residues and asphaltenes into syngas.

Global experience

We operate our own gasifiers, which helps us to understand and anticipate your operational needs.