Inside Gasification Licensing

Why Gasification?

Gasification is a clean, reliable and flexible way to create synthesis gas (syngas) from low-value feedstocks for the production of high-value products and power. Discover how Shell gasification technologies are delivering advantages for refiners, petrochemical companies and power generators.

Shell Gasification Process

The Shell Gasification Process (SGP) is a clean, efficient, reliable and proven technology. When integrated with other upgrading and treating technologies, it can convert a wide range of low-value refinery residues and asphaltenes into syngas for a variety of applications. Find out how we can help you to deliver bottom-of-the-barrel value.

Products and Applications

Learn about our broad range of applications and products that are used in the Shell Gasification Process, helping to monetize refinery residues and heavy oils to make a truly bottomless refinery.

Global Experience

Discover how we are able to understand and anticipate your operational needs. With a history of over 60 years in gasification research and over 96 residue gasifiers in operation in China, Canada, Qatar and more worldwide.