How can I operate my lean acid gas field in a simple and environmentally friendly way and with less plot-space?

The THIOPAQ O&G process is a bio desulphurisation process using the power of nature. It is attractive for sulphur removal in the range 0.05 to 150 t/d.

  • THIOPAQ O&G as AGRU: The process can replace a complete train for H2S removal and sulphur recovery while lowering the total equipment count.
  • THIOPAQ O&G as an SRU: When an amine unit is still required, a single THIOPAQ O&G unit can replace the sulphur recovery unit, the tail gas treating unit, the degasser and, possibly, the incinerator.

How does it work? The simplicity of the technology is based on a gas stream containing hydrogen sulphide contacting an aqueous soda solution in an absorber. The H2S is captured as sulphite and stays in the solution to be converted into elemental sulphur by bacteria in the bioreactor. The process operates at low temperature and can be applied for gas streams up to 80 bar.


  • H2S removal efficiency >99.9 %;
  • The sulphur produced is hydrophilic in nature and has limited plugging or blocking problems;
  • Deep H2S removal without the need for a tail-gas treating unit for off-gas;
  • Low capital and operating expenditure; and
  • Bio-sulphur suitable for landfill, agricultural applications or, when melted, a more common product such as Claus sulphur. 

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Sulphur Recovery

Reliable and robust operations with Claus, SCOT, sulphur degassing and THIOPAQ O&G sulphur recovery technologies to secure gas production and ensuring the need to adhere to stringent sulphur dioxide (SO2) standards.

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