Are you worried about the hydrogen sulphide content of your liquid sulphur product?

The Shell Global Solutions sulphur degassing process cuts the hydrogen sulphide and hydrogen polysulphide in the Claus liquid sulphur to less than 10 ppmv hydrogen sulphide compared with 250–300 ppmv in conventional sulphur pits.

In this process, the sulphur is circulated over a stripping column, which is open at the top and bottom, by bubbling air through the sulphur. Agitating the sulphur in this way releases the hydrogen sulphide. The whole system is located in a separate vessel or in the intermediate sulphur storage.

Is the vent gas SOx contribution affecting your emission limits?

Operating the Shell sulphur degasser at an elevated pressure enables recycling of the vent gases to the front of the Claus sulphur recovery unit without the need for costly and low reliability blowers.


  • No moving parts or catalysts;
  • Can be retrofitted into an existing pit or placed into a separate vessel;
  • Simple design; and
  • Minimal operator attention required.

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Sulphur Recovery

Reliable and robust operations with Claus, SCOT, sulphur degassing and THIOPAQ O&G sulphur recovery technologies to secure gas production and ensuring the need to adhere to stringent sulphur dioxide (SO2) standards.

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