As part of its commitment to innovation and continuous improvements, Shell Global Solutions has introduced the SCOT ULTRA process, which offers a step change in the performance of the well-established SCOT process. It features Shell and Huntsman Corporation’s jointly developed highly selective JEFFTREAT** ULTRA family of solvents, which can achieve deep decreases in H2S emissions and improved selectivity for H2S over CO2.

It also features Criterion Catalysts & Technologies’ (Criterion)*** C-834 high-activity, low-temperature SCOT catalyst, which adds further value by increasing the destruction of organic sulphur compounds at low operating temperatures.

To quantify the benefits, the impact on capital and operating expenditure for the TGTU section using SCOT ULTRA process is shown in Figure 2. 

What is the difference between SCOT and SCOT ULTRA?

SCOT ULTRA features two next-generation technologies:

1. Shell and Huntsman Corporation’s jointly developed high-selectivity JEFFTREAT** ULTRA family of solvents

Compared to MDEA, we can design to either:

  • Up to 60% less H2S in Treated gas
  • Lower circulation rates (by up to 50%), reduce steam, cooling and power costs
  • Up to 60% reduction in absorber column height
  • Eliminate solvent refrigeration system
  • Superior operational flexibility and reliability
  • Increased hydraulic throughput by reducing CO2 co-absorption up to 50% back to Claus

An easy and cost-effective upgrade of your unit: no water wash is required and, in most occasions no additional hardware changes.

2. Criterion Catalysts & Technologies C-834 High-activity, Low-temperature SCOT Catalyst

  • Superior hydrolysis and hydrogenation performance, providing ease of COS conversion.
  • Low temperature, which helps to prolong cycle length, increase hydraulic throughput and reduce energy consumption by allowing the use of indirect heating, instead of line burner.
  • Low pressure drop.

Shell’s experience:

The SCOT ULTRA process has been successfully deployed in a commercial application and the experience is consistent with the extensive piloting campaign. With over 300 SCOT licensed units Shell has the experience to maximize integrated design benefits.

* SCOT is a trademark owned by the Shell group of companies.

** JEFFTREAT is a registered trademark of Huntsman Corporation or an affiliate thereof in one or more, but not all countries.[1]

*** Criterion Catalysts & Technologies LP (Criterion) is a wholly owned affiliate of CRI/Criterion Inc. and an affiliate of the Shell Global Solutions network of companies.

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