As part of our operations, Shell Cansolv runs a state of the art laboratory with advanced analytical equipment to follow the quality of the solvents for SO2 and CO2 capture and for measuring concentrations of amine, water, organic acids, contaminants, and heat stable salts.

In addition to the capabilities of the Shell Cansolv R&D department, being a subsidiary of Shell Global Solutions affords us the opportunity to take advantage of the vast resources available within the Shell research organization.

Based on its long history and strong background in amine-based processes, the Shell research organization is ideally suited to assist Shell Cansolv in many ways including gas processing support.

Combined Shell Cansolv and Shell Global Solutions have the equivalent of 150 years of experience in amine-based processes.

Since its inception, Shell Cansolv has completed thousands of hours of piloting in various industries, not only to prove the functionality of our process, but to continually improve it.

Both our SO2 and CO2 processes have been successfully piloted.

Recently Shell Cansolv designed and built a new small scale pilot unit in our laboratory.

This setup mimics the Shell Cansolv process with a prescrubber, an absorber and a regenerator.

The system is fully instrumented for all process parameter measurements and in constant communication with dedicated software for online data acquisition.

With this unit, we are able to develop new solvents that are then tested in the field before commercialization.

In addition to continuously improving our product, Shell Cansolv’s R&D department provides long term customer support to improve the performance of their installations.

This includes on-site assistance, solvent analysis and the development of tailored process solutions.

Shell Cansolv is a leading global technology provider of sulphur dioxide (SO2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) capture solutions for post combustion emission sources. Shell Cansolv's technologies use regenerable amines to remove SO2 and CO2. These regenerable solvents make the Shell Cansolv processes more cost effective and minimise environmental waste.

Shell Cansolv offers customized process solutions for post combustion capture of flue gases. With 15+ years of experience delivering large-scale aqueous amine-based capture solutions, Shell Cansolv has enjoyed world-wide success. Our experience in SO2 capture has allowed us to develop a process for the capture of CO2 gas that is now fully commercialised.

Our solutions can be incorporated into an existing plant, built as a greenfield structure or, in some cases, delivered as modular units.

The services we offer are:

  • Feasability Studies
  • Process Design Packages
  • Basic and Detailed Engineering

Licensed clients also benefit from:

  • Quality Control
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Operator Training

As Shell Cansolv's processes are regenerable, captured solvents are reused and as a result, operating costs are kept down. The pure CO2 and SO2 captured eliminate landfill and legacy environmental issues and can be sold or reused as marketable byproducts.

Shell Cansolv is deployment focused and will work in collaboration with the client and EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contractors to ensure successful implementation of all project deliverables.

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About Shell Cansolv

Shell Cansolv is an innovative, technology-centred company that offers its clients high efficiency capture solutions for the removal of sulphur dioxide (SO2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) from gas streams in various industrial applications.

CANSOLV sulphur dioxide (SO2) scrubbing system

Shell CANSOLV's patented technology uses an aqueous amine solution to achieve highly efficient, selective absorption of sulphur dioxide (SO2) from post combustion flue-gases. The technology is a highly flexible system and is adaptable to a wide variety of industrial applications, gas flow rates and SO2 concentrations.

CANSOLV carbon dioxide (CO2) capture system

Cansolv's CO2 capture technology is highly adaptable to a wide variety of industrial applications, gas flow rates and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations. The system employs a regenerable solvent and utilizes a proprietary amine technology.

Sour gas treating solution (CANSOLV TGT+)

The CANSOLV TGT+ system is an integrated treating solution that enables ultra-high overall sulphur recovery efficiency from sour gas streams while minimizing process line-up complexity and cost.