Based on the current availability and feasibility of alternatives, fossil fuels are assured to remain a significant source for the world’s electricity production.

Further, the combination of tightening environmental regulations on sulphur emissions and the increasing scarcity of low sulphur fuel (fuel gas, oil or coal) means that the power generation industry faces significant challenges when it comes to flue gas desulphurization (FGD).

The regenerable Shell Cansolv technology can easily adapt to varying levels of sulphur content fuel.

Be it a low sulphur fuel oil or a high sulphur coal, CANSOLV's SO2 scrubbing is ideal for treating flue gases to industry leading emissions levels (less than 15 ppmv);

while not relying on conventional alkali reagents such as lime, limestone or caustic.

Further, the large operating range of a CANSOLV SO2 Scrubbing System allows for ultimate flexibility in power plant operations in the form of optional fuel switching regardless of sulphur content.

When combined with the CANSOLV CO2 Capture System, Shell Cansolv's technology provides a complete gas capture system for power plants.

More in industries that cansolv serves

Cansolv CO2 capture applications

Cansolv’s CO2 capture applications remove carbon dioxide from exhaust gases and delivers them as a pure product for use in enhanced oil recovery or for sequestration

Cansolv minerals & chemicals applications

The CANSOLV SO2 scrubbing system can be used in a variety of industrial applications such as smelters, metallurgic applications, sulphuric acid plants and fertiliser plants.

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CANSOLV sulphur dioxide (SO2) scrubbing system

Shell CANSOLV's patented technology uses an aqueous amine solution to achieve highly efficient, selective absorption of sulphur dioxide (SO2) from post combustion flue-gases. The technology is a highly flexible system and is adaptable to a wide variety of industrial applications, gas flow rates and SO2 concentrations.

CANSOLV carbon dioxide (CO2) capture system

Cansolv's CO2 capture technology is highly adaptable to a wide variety of industrial applications, gas flow rates and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations. The system employs a regenerable solvent and utilizes a proprietary amine technology.