The system delivers two marketable by-products: SO2 that can be converted into sulphuric acid or elemental sulphur, and CO2 that can be compressed and used for enhanced oil recovery.

The CANSOLV SO2/CO2 Integrated Capture System is also ideal for fossil fuel fired power plants.

In an amine based CO2 capture system, the presence of SO2 in the flue gas would reduce the efficiency of the CO2 capture.

With the sequential and integrated removal of SO2 followed by CO2, the overall process efficiency is improved.

Each removal process uses its own unique proprietary solvent selected for its respective capture efficiencies.

However, since both processes employ similar amines and share common flowsheets, the product is an operationally simplified and optimized system.

Unique to Shell Cansolv is the ability to recover energy from one section (SO2 scrubbing) and use it in the next (CO2 capture).

This is done using clever heat integration techniques and special equipment to use otherwise wasted heat resulting in an overall reduced energy penalty.

Along with delivering a high purity CO2 product for EOR, CCU or sequestration, another advantage the Shell Cansolv SO2/CO2 system offers is that all of the recovered SO2 is delivered to the client as saleable high quality sulphuric acid instead of waste.

Conventional Flue Gas Desulphurization units create by-products such as contaminated sodium sulphate or gypsum that often requires disposal of some sort and therefore related legacy disposal and transportation costs and obligations.

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