The CANSOLV CO2 Capture System is a world leading amine based CO2 capture technology.

The technology is ideal for use in coal-fired and natural gas power plants where large amounts of CO2 are generated.

The pure CO2 product output by the Shell Cansolv technology enables Enhanced Oil recovery (EOR), Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) or Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) downstream of the plant.

The CO2 Capture System is also suitable for capturing CO2 from boiler flue gas in applications in the mining and chemical industries.

The technology can help refiners, utilities and other industries to lower their carbon intensity and meet stringent greenhouse gas abatement regulations by removing CO2 from their exhaust streams.

CANSOLV CO2 Capture System Benefits

  • Lower regeneration energy and superior kinetics compared to conventional amines
  • High loading capacity combined with ease of regeneration
  • Improved resistance to oxidative and thermal degradation
  • Advanced solvent and technology development

Process Description

This patented technology is designed and guaranteed for bulk CO2 removal up to 99%. The key process steps are:

  1. Feed gas is quenched and saturated in a circulated water pre-scrubber.
  2. Gas contacts the lean amine solution in a counter-current mass-transfer packed absorption column.
  3. CO2 is absorbed and the treated gas exits to atmosphere. 
  4. CO2-rich amine from the absorption column is pumped through a lean–rich amine heat exchanger and then on to the regeneration column.
  5. Rising, low-pressure saturated steam in the column regenerates the lean amine solution. CO2 is recovered as a pure, water saturated product.
  6. Lean amine is pumped from the stripper reboiler to the absorption column for reuse in capturing CO2.
  7. The CO2 is directed to by-product management systems.

More in Shell Cansolv

CANSOLV sulphur dioxide (SO2) scrubbing system

Shell CANSOLV's patented technology uses an aqueous amine solution to achieve highly efficient, selective absorption of sulphur dioxide (SO2) from post combustion flue-gases. The technology is a highly flexible system and is adaptable to a wide variety of industrial applications, gas flow rates and SO2 concentrations.

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