How can smart, integrated design of gas processing units enhance reservoir monetisation?

The development of natural gas reserves containing harder-to-remove sulphur species has increased in recent years, while sulphur limits for treated gas and stack sulphur dioxide emissions have continued to tighten. This combination has resulted in significant increases in the complexity of acid gas removal units (AGRU) and sulphur recovery units (SRU). With standalone designs for AGRUs and SRUs, licensors may be able to optimise the process units individually. In most cases, additional capital and operating expenditure benefits can be realised through integrated AGRU and SRU designs.

By applying state-of-the-art technologies in complex and integrated configurations, many projects are pushing the boundaries of what is technically achievable while also de-risking subsurface uncertainties.


  • Better control of SO2 emissions and an improved ability to handle fluctuations in the feed gas H2S/CO2 ratio;
  • Maximisation of the synergies between units;
  • Better control of design margins;
  • Shorter project execution schedules; and
  • Fewer interfaces to manage, i.e., a single point of contact for commercial activities.

Shell’s experience:

Based on extensive experience in licensing integrated gas processing designs, Shell Global Solutions has a consistent track record of executing integrated value-adding gas processing projects.

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