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Why choose Shell Turbo Trays over traditional trays?

Traditional trays and packing have served the industry well but are limited when it comes to gas and liquid hydraulic capacity as well as mass transfer capabilities. Thanks to an innovative contacting principle, flooding and entrainment which limit conventional tray capacity are now being utilized to promote mass transfer within a mixing box. On top of those mixing boxes, swirl tubes separate gas and liquid thereby allowing the solvent to flow back to the tray. Macroscopically, on the column scale, liquid and gas flow counter-currently. However, on each tray within each element, gas and liquid are actually flowing co-currently. The working principle of the trays brings two significant advantages:

  • Higher gas and liquid handling capacity as turbulence and high velocities are needed in the mixing boxes
  • Improved mass transfer as near equilibrium is reached within the mixing boxes due to large liquid /gas ratio and the intense mixing.
Overview Case Study Shell LNG site – 300% increase in CO2
Asset type Onshore LNG plant
Project type Brownfield, CO2 increase in feed
Initial technology ADIP®-Ultra solvent with Shell HiFi trays
Scope of project Re-tray absorber with Shell Turbo Trays and increase solvent regeneration capacity
Results Conventional Trays Shell Turbo Trays
CO2 content in feed, mol% 1.0 4.0
Maximum gas flow, % 100 Up to 182%

Key features of Shell Turbo Trays

Brownfield applications:

  • Up to 80% capacity increase
  • The ability to manage increased CO2 concentrations

Greenfield applications:

  • Smaller column (30% diameter reduction, 50% weight reduction)
  • Reduced absorber weight improves constructability

For offshore units:

  • A robust design resistant to sloshing (due to tilt and yaw)
  • Compact column design with low plot space

Shell’s experience:

Building on already commercially proven Shell CONSEP Trays, fundamentals of the tray hydrodynamics and mass transfer were tested and optimized at bench scale.

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