How can you minimise the column diameter while maximising the contacting area?

The separation of the gaseous portion from the liquid portions is an important process step. Shell Global Solutions' alliance with Sulzer ChemTech provides operators with Shell HiFi trays that offer the ability to handle large liquid loadings and can be equipped with different types of tray decks, including sieve holes, float valves and fixed valves, to increase throughput without making major changes to the plant.


  • Most uniform flow path length and vapour distribution
  • Self-balancing mechanism
  • Minimum inactive zones and maximum bubbling area
  • Lowest pressure drop and best mass-transfer efficiency at large liquid loadings
  • Spacing as low as 300 mm
  • Reduces entrainment and maximises jet flood capacity

High performance column internals are applied in all of our designs. 

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Discover how associated technologies help to minimise column diameters using Shell HiFi trays and remove water and mercaptans in a single vessel using molecular sieves.

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