Is it possible to remove water and mercaptans in one single vessel?

A single vessel with separate adsorbent beds can be used for drying and for mercaptan removal.

The molecular sieve design and service package helps gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants to improve the operating costs, bed life, reliability and availability.

Does your gas require dehydration and deep sulphur-species removal?

It sounds like the perfect solution is an integrated SULFINOL and molecular sieve line-up. A combination of a molecular sieve bed with the SULFINOL process integrates dehydration and acid gas removal to focus on deep (organic) sulphur removal. In addition, molecular sieves remove the need for downstream NGL/LPG treating.

Shell’s experience:

Well-proven technology: about 30 molecular sieve units worldwide.

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Associated Technologies

Discover how associated technologies help to minimise column diameters using Shell HiFi trays and remove water and mercaptans in a single vessel using molecular sieves.

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