Do you need deep removal of CO2 and H2S?

You can, using Shell’s ADIP-X technology. The ADIP-X technology was introduced in 2000 by Shell for cost-effective removal of CO2, H2S and COS. The addition of piperazine to methyl diethanolamine (MDEA) accelerates the reaction kinetics. Our current reference sites remove CO2 down to <50 ppmv from approximately 20 vol% CO2 in the feed, thereby meeting the low level required in LNG plants


  • <50 ppmv CO2 removal;
  • Faster CO2 and COS removal through enhanced reaction kinetics;
  • Higher loading capacity, which reduces the solvent circulation rate by 20–30% and enables the use of smaller equipment;
  • Reduced steam requirements because of its lower solvent circulation rate and heat of reaction;
  • Very low hydrocarbon co-absorption; and
  • Reduced solvent degradation, with no reclamation required.

Additional Services

  • The technology could come with a range of service offerings such as proactive monitoring, training and troubleshooting.
  • A comprehensive solvent monitoring programme conducted by a Shell in-house laboratory is available: leverage operational experience to maintain solvent quality.

Shell’s experience:

ADIP technology has a long history in Shell. First developed in the 1950s and with over 500 Shell operating facilities and licensees, it is our most referenced technology to date. ADIP technology has established a track record of high levels of performance and reliability.

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Meet natural gas commercial specifications cost-effectively by using the licensed technologies ADIP and SULFINOL technologies to remove carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), mercaptans (RSH), carbonyl sulphide (COS) and other organic sulphur compounds 

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