Within Shell Global Solutions, a dedicated Gas & Liquids Treating team provides design, technical service and research and development support for a wide range of technologies covering the entire spectrum of gas-and liquids-treating, and sulphur-recovery processes. Combining technical expertise with in-depth knowledge and experience of upstream and downstream processes, the team delivers high-quality, fit-for-purpose designs, comprehensive training and effective troubleshooting for customers. Shell’s technologies are applied worldwide in more than 1,200 plants.

Solving industry challenges

  • Reduce costs and complexity
    • Shell provides design integrations across the full gas processing and gas treating chain, potentially leading to Opex and Capex savings.
  • Increasingly stringent emissions regulations
    • Shell can help reduce plant SO2 emissions down to 10ppm efficiently, with fit-for-purpose process options.
  • Tighter product gas and LNG specification.
    • Sulfur recovery levels of 99.9+% are possible using Shell technology.
    • Shell provides cost effective and simple one step removal of H2S, CO2, COS and mercaptans.
  • Growing development of natural gas resources with high CO2.
    • Shell provides cost effective enhanced removal of CO2 and COS along with the removal of H2S, with low solvent regeneration energy requirements.
  • Increasingly complex natural gas resources.
    • The company is a pioneer in monetising complex hydrocarbons and a continuous innovator of individual technologies and lineups through a combination of R&D and feedback from its own operations and licensees.

Value creation through innovative design features does not only happen in an ideal world. As both licensor and operator, Shell Global Solutions does it all the time – a gas processing example is shown in given figure.

Track record

Shell is both an operator and licensor, leading to optimised design margins and learnings:

  • More than 60 years licensing experience.
  • More than 100 years operational experience.
  • In-house developed processes.

Proven and robust implementation:

  • 500 ADIP units since 1959.
  • 200 SULFINOL units since 1964.
  • 300 Shell Sulphur Degassing units since 1981.
  • 300 SCOT units since 1958.
  • 19 CANSOLV units since 2002.
  • 16 THIOPAQ O&G units since 2002.

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Gas Processing Technologies Portfolio

Shell has developed and licensed proprietary gas-and liquids-treating technologies that can help increase production and maximise production of high-value products.

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