• Are you investing many work-hours in generating data but are not seeing a return?
  • Do you have little time to analyse the data and make improvements?
  • Does identifying performance gaps and setting targets seem daunting.
  • Do you want to deliver real value to your refinery or gas operations and add to your bottom line?

Join us for our forthcoming Hydrocarbon Processing hosted webcast, which will explore how benchmarking data can create manageable, measurable business results through gap analysis.

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Register to learn how to make your benchmarking data work for you. We will:

  • Explain the performance improvement process of turning benchmarking data into deliverables;
  • Demonstrate the benefits of a holistic approach;
  • Highlight the areas to address for closing gaps and improving margins quickly;
  • Highlight common pitfalls; and
  • Share examples.

In this difficult, lower-for-longer oil price environment, refiners must extract every dollar per barrel to survive and thrive. Our speakers Wim Meinderts, Peter Reese and Ken Hornik are passionate about performance improvement and have been using gap analysis to uncover opportunities and improve business performance for Shell and third-party facilities for over a decade. Read our speaker profiles below:

Speaker Profiles

Speaker Wim Meinderts

Wim Meinderts

Senior Performance Improvement and Implementation Manager, Shell Projects & Technology

Wim has been with Shell since 1980. His enthusiasm for performance improvement started in 2003 when he was the senior consultant who led the gas/LNG benchmarking teams in The Hague, the Netherlands. 

Since 2010, Wim has become involved in more strategic client projects where, as a senior organisational effectiveness consultant, he has focussed on change management, continuous improvement programs, organisational design and development, leadership development and business performance management. He has led client projects at research centres and hydrocarbon facilities throughout Europe, Africa and the Far East.

 Speaker Peter Reese

Peter Reese

Senior Performance Improvement and Implementation Manager, Shell Projects & Technology

Peter has been with Shell since 1985. His experience of project management and performance improvement through gap analysis spans three decades in petrochemical, manufacturing and processing at operational and strategic levels.

His role as a senior organisational effectiveness consultant means he focuses on organisational design, business performance management, leadership development, continuous improvement and change management within Shell.

Peter has a strong technical background having worked as a process control engineer and a shutdown and maintenance engineer in the petrochemicals business.

Speaker Ken Hornik

Ken Hornik

Principle Consultant - Hydrocarbon and Supply Chain Management, Shell Projects & Technology

Ken has been working with Shell-owned, joint-venture and third-party refinery and chemical companies since 2003. Fifteen years at Solomon Associates conducting benchmarking studies, designing and implementing planning and scheduling LP modelling systems, and consulting underpins his rapid margin improvement successes within the Shell Global Solutions team.

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