We draw on the Shell Group’s long history as a leader in fuels technology, and insights and expertise from its fuels-related businesses around the world, when we collaborate on business-critical research and development programmes with international car manufacturers.

We help them to ensure that their new engines are robust against the various fuel qualities that they may encounter in different regions around the globe, now and in the future. For instance, we blend worst-case speciality fuels that contain the elevated levels of contaminants such as manganese or sulphur that may be present in some regions, and the higher-ethanol-content blends that regulators are considering mandating in the future.

Consequently, this helps our customers to guard against their engines suffering failures and breakdowns, which could substantially damage their brand reputation, and avoid highly expensive product recalls.

We also support engine manufacturers when they are investigating the root causes of problems.

We operate from Shell Technology Centre Hamburg, Germany, the group’s global centre of expertise for research and development in automotive fuels and engine, gearbox and vehicle technology.

Our services are underpinned by the experience and expertise of companies within the Shell Group worldwide. This means that customers gain access to a wide range of technical, strategic and policy expertise as well as valuable regional insights and experience.

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