At Shell Global Solutions, we believe that the most appropriate solution for a specific customer will always be a customised one, especially for today’s complex projects.  We have therefore developed our own approach to refinery technical collaboration – we call it ‘co-creation’ - our oil and gas consultants and technologists work closely with our customers across refineries, petrochemical facilities and gas power plants to identify and evaluate the best options and solutions to meet their business objectives.

We also collaborate with leading engine manufacturers on fuels research and developments projects, and have technical partnerships with some of the leading players in motorsport.

Nurturing your talent

We ensure that key personnel from the customer organisation are closely involved throughout the entire programme. This facilitates the transfer of knowledge, skills, tools, techniques and Shell best practices, which helps to embed the solution permanently into their business.

During project implementation our experienced oil and gas consultants provide full-time project support such as guiding the project team through the complexities of the change process, helping to make the case for change, preparing people and identifying training requirements.

Leveraging operational feedback

As well as being an oil and gas technology licensor, the Shell Group also operates its own plants, so the operational feedback we receive from these assets helps to provide special insights into real-world challenges. We also ensure that we incorporate the lessons learned from these plants into our design practices.

Developing cutting-edge technologies

New, oil and gas innovative technologies that are applied in the right way can often be key to overcoming challenges, and this is why, at Shell Global Solutions, we have an intense focus on research and development: to ensure that our technology offerings meet our customers’ future needs. We have established a strong track record of developing breakthrough oil and gas technologies and rigorously improving existing ones.

Innovating with customers

We work with customers to apply our oil and gas technologies in highly tailored or innovative new process configurations that unlock extra value from their operations. Experience shows that when our customers also have a highly innovative and creative attitude, together, we can push the boundaries of what their business can achieve.

Understanding the issues you face

Our highly driven, experienced and, most importantly, passionate people understand the day-to-day operational and management issues faced by the oil and gas industry, both locally and internationally, as they have held senior roles in this environment.

Shell Global Solutions offers refining technical services and licenses a wide range of industry-leading oil and gas technologies for refineries, petrochemical facilities, gas plant facilities and gasification units. In addition, we collaborate with leading engine manufacturers on fuels research and development projects, and have technical partnerships with some of the leading players in motorsport:

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Shell Global Solutions provides an extensive refining technology portfolio to introduce new hardware into refineries, helping refiners improve refineries margins, by optimising process and equipment performance.

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