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Refinery Technology Licensing

Shell Global Solutions provides an extensive refining technology portfolio to introduce new hardware into refineries, helping refiners improve refineries margins, by optimising process and equipment performance.

Petrochemical Technology Licensing

Shell Global Solutions offers cutting-edge technologies that produce advantaged and differentiated products that create market competitive advantage for licensees.

Gasification Licensing

Our proven technologies include the Residue and Natural Gas Gasification process, offering a cleaner and more flexible way to monetize refinery residue, natural gas and biomass. Find out how we can help you to deliver bottom-of-the-barrel value.

Rapid Margin Improvement

Shell Global Solutions refining business improvement programmes help refiners to improve refinery operational performance and importantly enhance margins to remain competitive, using their proprietary refining technical services.

Automotive Speciality Fuels

We collaborate on business-critical research and development programmes with international car manufacturers drawing on Shell’s long history as a leader in fuels technology.


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Refinery Revamp Projects – Frequently Asked Questions

Discover valuable insights that will help you to deliver a value-adding revamp project.

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Hydrocracker revamp using latest-generation reactor internals

Hydrocracker Revamp Using Latest-Generation Reactor Internals

A low-cost hydrocracker revamp has delivered major value to Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Co. (SASREF).

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Industry Focus

Preparing for the Disruptions that Lie Ahead: Discover the potential future scenarios impacting refiners, from changes in product demand patterns to ever-more-stringent environmental regulations and options of how to respond (Special Supplement to Hydrocarbon Processing 2017).

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IMPACT magazine

‘Shell Global Solutions’ Impact magazine provides information and insights on energy industry issues and trends, new technology, case studies, events and more.

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