Lower Carbon Asphalt Pavement Challenge

The construction sector plays a vital role in enabling social and economic progress, hence it must accelerate actions on decarbonisation through active collaboration and innovation through the energy transition.

To support this effort, Shell invites all actors in the road pavement industry to come together and actively participate in the Lower Carbon Asphalt Pavement Challenge. The challenge aims to demonstrate that roads can be built with lower carbon impact today through a combination of low-carbon solutions and widespread collaboration across the value chain.

Whether you are a government local authority, a building materials company, an asphalt manufacturer, or an OEM in the construction sector, we want to hear from you! Please get in touch with us by filling out the form below.

Decarbonising roads

As governments set net-zero or even zero-carbon targets and enforce stricter contracting requirements, companies at each stage of the construction value chain need to work together to maximise the use of the decarbonisation tools available.

Shell is playing its part – working with customers and partners to pilot and deliver innovative decarbonisation solutions by providing more sustainable binders, cleaner fuels, energy, and services. And we are making these available to be used as part of the challenge.

Depending on the requirements of the road being paved, this might include Shell Bitumen CarbonSink, our new biocomponent binder which locks carbon into asphalt and bitumen, or Shell Cariphalte AgeSafe, a highly modified bitumen solution that can extend the life of pavements, and other sustainable solutions from Shell to power the construction activities.

The key is that we are looking to collaborate with other forward-thinking organisations to help showcase the huge potential of solutions that are available today to decarbonise road building.

Note: Based on a carbon footprint calculated on a cradle-to-pavement installation basis.

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Decarbonising Raw Materials​

Our new bio-component binder Shell Bitumen CarbonSink is used to develop the UK’s first commercially available biogenic asphalt.

Decarbonising Plant Operations

Shell and the German asphalt mixer AM-NRW partnered to lower the environmental impact of asphalt plant operations.

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At Shell, we have a long history of supporting the construction sector. We are passionate about collaborating with our customers and partners as they build the world around us.