Joachim Gneis, Continuous Improvement Manager , Zeppelin Austria
Joachim Gneis, Continuous Improvement Manager, Zeppelin Austria

Caterpillar Inc. is the world’s leading producer of construction machinery and distributes its high performance machinery worldwide through a global network of dealers. In Austria, Caterpillar is represented by Zeppelin Austria.

After 177 hours of field trial testing with Shell Diesel on dirty nozzles, the results showed:

  • Fuel consumption decreased by 8.8%
  • Engine performance improved in all ranges of pressure

Zeppelin Austria also tested the effect of Shell Diesel on new engines, comparing Shell diesel with standard diesel, and found that:

After a normal running in period with decreasing fuel consumption, which is usually seen with new nozzles, fuel consumption of the CAT 320D test engine stabilised and stayed at the low level with New Shell Diesel.

In comparison, Zeppelin Austria found that with the standard diesel quality the engine performance started to decrease early in the operations.

In the construction sector, reducing emissions becomes increasingly important. We are keen to reduce our environmental footprint and also help our customers reduce their emissions too. By lowering fuel consumption with New Shell Diesel, we were able to produce less CO2.

(Joachim Gneis, Continuous Improvement Manager , Zeppelin Austria)

*Local name of Shell FuelSave Diesel in Austria. Product name may vary per country. Known as Shell FuelSave Diesel, Shell Diesel Extra, Shell Diesel and New Shell Diesoline Ultra in other markets.