World record with Daimler

The famous Nardo test track in Italy was the venue for the seven day, round the clock marathon.

The 40 tonne Mercedes Benz Actros 3 consumed exactly 19.44 litres of diesel per 100km over 12,728.94km. This record-breaking feat, achieved under strictly defined test conditions, resulted in a new entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

Best practice tips for better fuel efficiency

  • Driver training: reduce the variation in fuel consumption between drivers (which can be up to 30%*) by improving driving techniques, optimising gear selection and planning ahead 
  • Preventative maintenance: for every 0.7 bar that tyres are under-inflated, fuel consumption rises by 1%*. Regular servicing and inspections can help avoid clogged filters, dirty injectors and inefficient engine running
  • Aerodynamics: Every 2% reduction in aerodynamic drag (e.g. through the use of a good aero package) can lead to a fuel economy benefit of 1%
  • Traffic conditions: choose routes with less stop/start driving and congestion, and avoid those with hilly, difficult terrain
  • Fuel and fuel systems: choose quality fuels which are designed to keep the engine clean and can help reduce exhaust emissions and black smoke**, like Shell FuelSave Diesel
  • Lubricants: low viscosity, fully synthetic lubricants like Shell Rimula R6 LME can, when used together with Shell‘s range of driveline lubricants, help cut fuel consumption by up to 5% in commercial vehicles when compared to conventional grades

Follow these tips to help reduce fuel costs, cut emissions and improve fuel economy. Internal heavy-duty engine tests have shown that Shell FuelSave Diesel can give fuel savings of up to 3%. Designed to keep the engine clean, leading to more efficient and effective combustion, it can also help reduce exhaust emissions and black smoke**. New Shell Rimula R6 LME has been independently tested and shown to produce fuel economy savings of 1.1%***.

For more information and best practice, view our tips on how to become an eco driver.

1Shell FuelSave Diesel is the replacement product of New Shell Diesel and Shell Diesel Extra

* Source:

** In heavy duty engines up to and including Euro III

*** Testing by the University of Graz showed a saving of 1.1% versus a 10W-40 engine oil.