Samwoh Corporation Pte Ltd

Transportation and civil engineering Company, Samwoh started using Shell FuelSave Diesel in early 2015. After around seven months, the company noticed that:

  • Shell FuelSave Diesel’s unique formulation helped keep injector nozzles clean from deposits, which helped to improve engine efficiency and save fuel and in turn helped reduce black smoke emissions.1
  • Shell FuelSave Diesel is also designed to help reduce foaming when refuelling – Samwoh found this helped to reduce their refuelling time and allow their drivers to spend more time on the road.

Samwoh is confident in a long-term partnership with Shell and its resellers, stemming from mutual trust and sincerity to create value for our customers. We believe Shell Diesel Extra2 meets our fuel requirements, giving us tangible savings in maintenance costs and fuel consumption

(Mr Eric Soh, CEO of Samwoh Corporation Pte Ltd)

1 Brand name may vary per country. Known as Shell Diesel Extra in the case for Samwoh in Singapore, New Shell Diesel, New Shell Diesoline in other markets.

2 In heavy duty engines up to and including Euro III emission standards.