Shell FuelSave Diesel and Shell Diesel Extra

Mayang Bayumas, Malaysia

Find out how this bulk transportation company reduced its fuel-related operating costs by 30% after switching to Shell FuelSave Diesel.

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ESD-SIC, Netherlands

Shell and its Branded Reseller, Oliecentrale Nederland (OCN), has helped ESD-SIC, a leading silicon-carbide manufacturer, achieve 5% fuel economy and CO2 emission savings.

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Chung Nyap Yoon, Malaysia

Learn more why this established construction company has trusted Shell Commercial Fuels to deliver quality products and services since 1990.

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Pens Industries, Malaysia

Load-pulling power is essential for mining heavy-duty vehicles and machinery. Hence Pens Industries trusts Shell FuelSave Diesel to help increase operating efficiency and lower costs.

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The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Hong Kong

After a successful trial bringing lower CO2 emissions and black smoke, and a more reliable bus service thanks to cleaner injectors, CUHK switched its entire bus fleet to Shell FuelSave B5 Diesel.

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SR Metals and FastCat, Philippines

Two leading Filipino businesses in the mining and the ferry sectors share their reasons to partner with Shell Commercial Fuels, which include our innovative energy products and much more.

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Malbumi Group, Malaysia

From agriculture to quarry and to construction services, Malbumi’s fleet of vehicles and equipment reduced operating costs and downtime after switching to Shell FuelSave Diesel.

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Shell GTL Fuel

Groningen Municipality, Netherlands

Learn more from the Groningen municipal authority how their vehicles started operating quieter and with less smoke, and how their workforce benefited from using Shell GTL Fuel.

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Bonner Personen Schifffahrt e.G. (BPS), Germany

For BPS, selecting Shell GTL Fuel Marine is important for the environment as well as for the wellbeing of guests aboard Rheinprinzessin (The Rhine Princess), its renowned salon ship cruising the scenic Rhine.

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Shell Fuel Oil Extra

Formica (Thailand) Co. Ltd., Thailand

After a successful trial to reduce particulates and CO2 Emissions, and fuel consumption, Formica, a leading provider of surfacing solutions, switched its heat-generation boilers to Shell Fuel Oil Extra.

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Thai Toray Synthetics Co. Ltd., Thailand

Collaborating with Shell, this leading chemical company cut operating costs and also lowered particulate matter and smoke significantly, to the benefit of the surrounding residential community and schools.

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Energy for today and tomorrow

Transport fuel solutions

Discover how to increase efficiency and reduce emissions of your vehicles and equipment, with a range of energy options such as Shell FuelSave Diesel, Shell Diesel Extra and Shell GTL Fuel. 

Industrial fuel solutions

Shell Fuel Oil Plus and Shell Fuel Oil Extra are our most advanced heavy fuel oils, designed for more efficient and cleaner manufacturing operations and power generation.

Home and city heating solutions

Cleaner and reliable heating for where you live or work, with our premium heating fuel with Shell Efficiency formula.



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