Shell GTL Fuel in municipality vehicles

Groningen chose to switch all their municipal vehicles to Shell GTL Fuel to help improve the city’s local air quality. Vehicles include garbage trucks, street cleaners, vans, ATV’s, tractors, etc.

“The use of Shell GTL Fuel not only helps provide a cleaner working environment for our employees who work directly with the city’s utility vehicles, but also a cleaner living environment for our residents too.”
Joost van Keulen, Groningen alderman

Shell GTL Fuel in canal boats

BlueBoat Co. operates tourist boats in Amsterdam’s canals. They switched 11 diesel powered boats to Shell GTL Fuel to reduce engine noise and emissions for the benefit of the local community.

This was done as part of Blue Boat Company’s sustainable shipping initiative to transition to an emission-free fleet.

Shell GTL Fuel in construction vehicles

After conducting in-house emissions testing, Mammoet in NL decided to switch 200 cranes and 50 trucks to Shell GTL Fuel.

"Many of our clients are conscious of the need for environmental improvement and we think that choosing Shell GTL Fuel will help us to make a contribution by giving them a competitive edge,"
Sander Splinter, Managing Director of Mammoet Europe.

Watch how Mammoet switched to Shell GTL Fuel.

Shell GTL Fuel in trucks

A leading supplier of wood and construction materials, Van Keulen delivers to more than 23,500 locations in the capital of Netherlands. Van Keulen switched its 16 heavy-duty diesel trucks to Shell GTL Fuel.

“On a yearly basis, we consume about 200,000 litres of diesel fuel. It’s clear that by using Shell GTL Fuel, we play a part by helping to improve the air quality in the city centre.”
Van Keulen

Shell GTL Fuel in railways

“The biggest advantage of Shell GTL Fuel to us is that it burns visibly cleaner than the regular diesel we used before. In two of our modern engines we have measured a soot reduction of up to 60% and in the older engines even up to 95%!”
Roel Wachelder, Chemelot Manager at DB Schenker

Shell GTL Fuel in offshore shipping

The first offshore ship in the world to run on Shell GTL Fuel, the Kroonborg services unmanned North Sea platforms. If platform workers are downwind of the ship’s engine exhaust, Shell GTL Fuel helps to improve the quality of the air that they breathe.

“Shell GTL Fuel ensures that people on board and on the platform, are less exposed to local emissions, smells and engine noise. Furthermore, we have seen potential maintenance benefits of using Shell GTL Fuels as the engine system stays remarkably cleaner. This is one example of the many marine applications where Shell GTL Fuel can add value”
Marcel van den Berg, Account Manager for Shell GTL Fuel Marine

The Kroonborg is known as an innovative walk-to-work vessel.

Shell GTL Fuel in city utility vehicles

Roteb Lease maintains and repairs vehicles in the city of Rotterdam and has been using Shell GTL Fuel in 50 vehicles – 25 garbage trucks and 25 street sweepers – since 2012.

“A great advantage of Shell GTL Fuel is that it’s directly applicable and ready to go.”
Peter Witvliet, Head of Roteb Lease

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