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Physical characteristics Key technical properties Value/unit  Main applications
Evaporation rate: Very Fast Boiling Range 35-37°C Blowing agents
Solvency Power:  Medium Flash Point <-50°C Reaction media
Impurities: Very Low Aromatics content <5 mg/kg Aerosol propellant
Odour: Very Low Benzene content <3 mg/kg Electronic cleaning
- n-Pentane content 98% Refrigerant
- Sulphur <1 mg/kg Laboratory

Product overview

n-Pentane is unique among hydrocarbon solvents in that it has a high concentration of a single component. Our n-Pentane has a consistent composition and very high purity, containing a minimum of 95% of n-Pentane isomer. Carefully controlled production conditions also results in very low levels of aromatics and other impurities.

Pentane is colourless with a very low odour and high volatility thanks to its low, narrow boiling range – it is among the lowest boiling hydrocarbon liquids and so evaporates at a very high rate. It is used principally as a blowing agent in foam production, as a propellant in aerosols and as reaction media for polymerisation processes.

Pentane plays a fundamental role in the production of polystyrene and polyurethane foams, serving as a blowing agent that helps to expand the raw plastic material and create the honeycomb structure within the foam that imparts excellent thermal properties. This makes these foams ideal for insulation applications.

In polymerisation pentane acts as a diluent to dissolve components and assist the reaction between other chemicals without interfering with the process itself. Its narrow boiling range also helps to maintain a constant temperature during the reaction, leading to less production variability.



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