Pure aromatics are widely used in paints, adhesives and printing inks. Other applications include extraction, degreasing, as components in insecticides, and as chemical intermediates (eg toluene diisocyanate).

Technical data sheets

Product/Grade Africa Asia Pacific Europe
ShellSol* X7B Datasheet Not sold Not sold
ShellSol* A100 Datasheet Not sold Datasheet
ShellSol* A150 Datasheet Not sold Datasheet
ShellSol* A150 ND Not sold Not sold Datasheet
Toluene (solvent) Datasheet Datasheet Not sold
Xylene (solvent) Datasheet Datasheet Not sold

Our key strengths in hydrocarbon solvents

  • Broad product line: Our wide range of solvents enables us to cover most - if not all – solvents customer requirements. In this way we can help to rationalise and reduce the costs of procurement.
  • Global security of supply: Shell Chemicals are leading global suppliers of solvents, with strategically located plants offering continuous long term supply.
    Consistency of product quality: long term production experience and development of proprietary Shell processes delivers product of high quality and consistency.
  • Multiple sales channels: customers can choose from a range of sales channels - direct dealings with our own customer service contacts, through distributors for smaller quantities, or via e-channels such as Elemica.
  • Experienced support staff: Shell Chemicals have in-depth knowledge of solvents products, their applications, and health, safety and environment issues. Local sales staff are well trained to identify and meet customer business needs.

More in hydrocarbon solvents

Special boiling point solvents

Special boiling point (SBP) solvents are versatile fast to medium evaporating aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids with very low impurities and aromatics content and narrow boiling ranges.

Pentanes – aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents

Pentane is a high purity aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent primarily used as propellants in aerosols, as blowing agents in foams and as reaction media in polymerisation processes.