Pure performance starts here

Pure performance starts here

Synthesised from methane gas, Shell GTL Fluids and Solvents comprise only iso and normal paraffins and contain very low amounts of impurities

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Our range of GTL Fluids and Solvents grades are sourced from the world-leading Pearl GTL plant in Qatar. The scale of the facility helps to ensure strong security of supply, while a global logistics network supports the fulfilment of orders in local markets.

By drawing on Shell’s extensive technology and product expertise, the GTL range has been developed to deliver the following performance characteristics:

  • Reduced environmental impact: very low aromatic and low naphthenic content designed to promote better biodegradability, lower ecotoxicity and lower photochemical reactivity. The latter is designed to result in very low ozone formation potential.
  • High purity: synthesised from methane gas, GTL Fluids and Solvents comprise only iso and normal paraffins. They contain very low amounts of impurities such as sulphur, olefins and polycyclic aromatics. They have a bright and clear appearance.
  • Low odour: almost odourless, due to their very low aromatic and low naphthenic content.
  • Synthetic: GTL technology and gas feedstock are designed to provide a more stable, synthetic product with consistent composition.

Many applications can benefit from the beneficial properties of GTL Fluids & Solvents including, but not limited to, those shown below:

Application GS190 GS215 GS250 GS270 GS310 GS1927 G70 G80 G85 G100
Agrochemicals - X - - X - - - X X
Aerosols X X - - - X - X - -
Household X X - - - X - - - -
Personal Care - - - X X X - - - -
Polishes & Waxes X X X X X X X X X X
Defoamers - - X X X - - - - -
Sealants - - X X X - - - - -
Metal Working Fluid X X X X X X - X X X
Paints X X - - - - - - - -
BBQ/Lighter Fluid/Lamp oil X X X X X X X X X X
Heating fluid (indoor) - X - - - X X X X X

Technical data sheets

Product/Grade Global
Shell GTL Fluid G70 Datasheet
Shell GTL Fluid G80
Shell GTL Fluid G85 Datasheet
Shell GTL Fluid G100
Shell GTL Solvent GS190 Datasheet
Shell GTL Solvent GS215 Datasheet
Shell GTL Solvent GS250 Datasheet
Shell GTL Solvent GS270 Datasheet
Shell GTL Solvent GS310 Datasheet
Shell GTL Solvent GS1927 Datasheet

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