Plug of electrical cable

Nonene plays an unseen but significant role in our everyday lives. Turn on the lights in your home or start your car, for example, and you may well be relying on flexible wiring or hose made possible with the addition of nonene.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a rigid plastic that can be made flexible by the addition of a plasticiser like nonene. Once plasticised, PVC is widely used in wire and cable coatings, electrical insulation, automotive interiors and coated fabrics. PVC's chemical make-up makes it inherently flame resistant; adding plasticisers gives it the necessary flexibility in wiring applications.

Nonene can also be used to produce other chemical intermediates such as alkyl phenols, isodecyl alcohol, neodecanoic acid and diphenylamine. As a result, we may encounter it in detergents and cleaners, as well as in antioxidants used in crankcase lubricating oils.

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Our key strengths in nonene

  • Major global suppliers
  • Fully integrated manufacturing from raw material to final product
  • Ability to ship by rail in the US or to other regions by ocean going vessel
  • Product stewardship support, including essential handling advice

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