Partners CNOOC Petrochemicals Investment Limited (50%)
Shell Nanhai BV (50%)

Cost of project

USD 4.1 billion


Signing of JV - 28 October, 2000 (Beijing)
Signing of local contracts - 29 October, 2000 (Huizhou)
Final investment decision - 1 November, 2002
First pile in the ground - 12 May, 2003
Construction completion achieved - 31 December, 2005
Start-up achieved Q1 2006


Dayawan Petrochemical Industrial Park, Huizhou
Huizhou Municipality
Guangdong Province
People's Republic of China

Site area

2.6 km2

Plant facilities and capacities

Ethylene - 950,000 tonnes per annum (tpa)
Propylene - 500,000 tpa
Butadiene - 165,000 tpa
Low Density Polyethylene - 250,000 tpa
High Density Polyethylene - 260,000 tpa
Polypropylene - 260,000 tpa
Mono-Ethylene Glycol - 350,000 tpa
Styrene Monomer - 640,000 tpa
Propylene Oxide - 290,000 tpa
Polyols - 170,000 tpa
Propylene Glycol - 60,000 tpa

Environmental and social highlights

CSPCL manages to save 8 million metric tons of water each year with its cutting-edge energy-saving, environmentally-friendly technologies.

Some 8,000 people have been resettled in two newly-built villages complete with schools and infrastructure.

By 2009, 2410 resettled villagers had attended at least one CSPCL-sponsored training programme aimed at equipping them with new skills for employment.

Contractors are encouraged to employ resettled villagers. On average, 330 resettled villagers were employed during the project construction phase. Since startup, there are still around 100 resettled villagers working for CSPCL and its contractors.

In total, 4,000 students and teachers from local schools, and 2,000 local government officials, have attended the CSPCL Open Day program. CSPCL has sponsored the tuition fees for over 500 primary and middle school students from resettled families with financial needs since 2004.  From 2006 to 2009, CSPCL provided financial assistance to 70 students who were admitted into college. These students were from families with financial difficulties in the resettled villages. In 2009, CSPCL launched the 'Tomorrow' Scholarship, which will be awarded to 200 Huizhou middle and high school students of good character with good academic performance.