The CARADOL* range of high quality polyether polyols for polyurethane applications including foams, coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers.

LINEVOL* plasticiser alcohols, manufactured at locations in the USA and UK using proprietary technology. They are used as intermediates to produce high quality plasticisers.

NEODENE* linear alpha and internal olefins are essential ingredients in materials such as polyethylene, lubricants, drilling muds and detergents.

NEODOL* alcohols and ethoxylates are used in surfactants found in many consumer detergent, cleaning and personal care products.

NEOFLO* fluids act as base stocks in the synthetic drilling fluids used in oil and gas exploration and production drilling operations.

ethoxylates are derived from oleochemical alcohols and are used broadly in household and personal care applications.

PROXITOL* are designed to meet the increasing technical and environmental demands of solvent-based formulations including low aromatic, high solid and waterborne technologies.

ShellSol* grades constitute a versatile range of high boiling, highly aromatic solvents.

Formul8* is a software package that predicts flexible slabstock polyurethane foam properties and costs from formulation input data.

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