1. Attempted to log in to the Customer Lounge, which is no longer available and has been replaced by the new Customer Portal
  2. Attempted to access the old Safety Data Sheet (SDS) search facility on the Customer Lounge which is no longer accessible and has been has been replaced by a new SDS search tool here on shell.com.

Access to Customer Portal

You should have received a welcome email for the Customer Portal with your personalised link to enable you to access the portal for the first time and to set a new memorable password.

  • If you have not received your welcome email please speak to your Customer Centre contact.
  • For future convenience please remember to delete your old Customer Lounge bookmark and replace it with the Customer Portal login page.

Access to new SDS search tool

A new and improved SDS search tool is available here on shell.com:

More in Chemicals

Chemicals products portfolio

Countless products that we all use every day in our homes, our cars, at work or while we relax owe their beginnings to the petrochemical ‘building blocks’ we manufacture and supply to our industrial customers.

Doing business with us

Shell chemicals companies are major suppliers of bulk petrochemicals to large industrial customers. In this section you will find essential information on how to do business with us.