Shell Chemicals and Products Leadership Team

Robin Mooldijk, EVP Chemicals and Products

Robin leads Shell’s newly integrated Chemicals and Products business and was appointed to the role after three years as EVP for Manufacturing. Robin has led the overhaul of Shell’s refinery strategy and will be responsible for the portfolio’s transformation to five core Energy and Chemicals Parks supplying Shell’s customers with more low-carbon products and sustainable and circular chemicals. Robin began his Shell career in R&D in Amsterdam in 1991. Throughout his career, he has gained deep experience including roles at Shell’s Pernis, Moerdijk and Stanlow refining and chemicals assets. In 2009, he was General Manager Shell Chemicals Europe in Rotterdam before being appointed to be Managing Director South African Petroleum Refineries (SAPREF) followed by VP Manufacturing Europe & Africa. In 2016, he was appointed to as VP Manufacturing Americas.

Anne Anderson, SVP Marketing, Growth and Transformation

Anne will head Chemical and Products’ marketing team, which is spearheading the business’s focus on sustainable and circular customer solutions. Anne previously led Shell’s chemicals business in the Americas and for five years was the VP of Shell Aviation. Anne joined Shell in 2006.

Thomas Casparie, SVP North West Europe

Thomas leads Shell’s Chemicals & Products business in Europe, which includes Shell’s Pernis, Moerdijk and Rheinland assets. Before his current role, Thomas managed Shell’s global chemicals business from 2019-2021 and this followed his role as VP for Chemicals Americas. Thomas first joined Shell in 1996 into the Retail business.

Lin Chen, VP China and Ventures

Lin is responsible for managing Shell’s Chemicals & Products business and its growth in China and governing its global non-operated joint ventures. Lin joined Shell in 1997 and has worked in China, UK, USA and Canada for the Downstream, Integrated Gas businesses and Project & Technology.

Rhoman Hardy, SVP US Gulf Coast

Rhoman oversees Shell’s Chemicals and Products in the US Gulf Coast region, which includes Shell’s Norco, Deer Park and Geismar assets. Rhoman’s 23-year career at Shell has seen him work across the U.S. distribution and pipeline business and globally in the manufacturing business.

Hilary Mercer, SVP Pennsylvania Chemicals

Hilary has been responsible for Pennsylvania Chemicals since 2017. Hilary previously led Shell’s worldwide portfolio of Integrated Gas projects spanning Onshore and Floating LNG, Regassification and other gas related projects. Hilary joined Shell in the UK as a Maintenance Engineer at Stanlow refinery in 1987.

Mark Pattenden, SVP Canada

Mark is responsible for Shell’s Chemicals and Products business in Canada and is the General Manager of the Scotford Manufacturing Complex. Mark started his role based at Scotford in 2019. Prior to this, Mark was the Director of Shell Qatar and Vice President of Shell Pearl GTL from 2015 to 2019.

Shirley Yap, SVP Singapore

Shirley leads Shell’s Chemicals and Products business in Asia, which includes its two assets located in Singapore Pulau Bukom and Jurong Island. Her 26-year Shell career includes time as VP for Manufacturing in the U.S. and global roles in Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing’s Strategy & Portfolio team.

More in About Shell Chemicals

Our joint ventures

As well as operating a number of wholly-owned manufacturing facilities and marketing a broad range of base chemicals and intermediates through six product lines, Shell chemicals companies participate in a number of strategic joint ventures.

Our growth projects

We will invest in our existing world-scale plants, to further increase their capacity and efficiency. And we will pursue options to invest in the building of new large-scale plants.