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Top 20 posts in 2020 by Shell Catalysts & Technologies

Browse our most popular posts on biofuels, carbon capture, refinery and petrochemical catalysts and more.

By Shell Catalysts & Technologies on Dec 2, 2020

Innovative technology and catalyst solutions are only as effective as the people who research, develop, deploy, monitor and optimise them.

This year, we spoke with our experts in research and development, licensing, technical services, plant operations and business leadership to hear their perspectives on customer challenges, our technologies’ real-world applications and the next chapter for energy producers around the world.

Read below for a round-up of our 20 most popular posts in 2020, based on user engagement and organised by category.


1. Strategic alliances for waste to fuel technology

We are partnering with a number of companies in the upstream and renewables market to further IH² technology. As innovators in waste-to-fuel technology, we are investing in ongoing, extensive research to uncover how to optimise the technology for future usage and implementation.

2. IH2: The future of transportation fuel technology

Can agricultural waste be converted into low-carbon transportation fuels? Read about how we are seeking to answer that question with IH² technology.

3. Biofuels: Trends and advantages of renewable energy

Biofuel – fuel that is produced from biomass – offers a promising pathway to meet future transportation needs while reducing emissions. Download our report to learn about the technologies enabling biofuel production.

Blue hydrogen 

4. Affordable blue hydrogen production with the Shell Blue Hydrogen Process on-demand webinar and blue hydrogen Q&A

Why do oxygen-based hydrogen production systems offer advantages over steam methane reforming for greenfield projects? Discover the answer by watching our popular webinar on-demand and reading the Q&A with our experts.

Carbon capture technologies 

5. Behind Shell technologies: CANSOLV SO₂ and CO₂ capture with Devin Shaw

Shell CANSOLV SO₂ and CO₂ capture systems use tailored, amine-based absorbents to capture pollutants from various flue gas streams and produce by-products that can be sold, reused or stored. Discover the unique history of this technology.

6. Trade release: Drax Power Station is evaluating Shell technology for one of the world’s largest carbon dioxide capture projects

Shell Catalysts & Technologies has signed an agreement with Drax Power Ltd to provide one of the world’s largest pre-FEED studies on CO₂ capture technology.

7. Carbon dioxide purification catalyst

99.9% – That is the percentage of residual hydrocarbons you could remove from a CO₂ stream by using this proprietary catalyst system. This informative page provides an overview on our high-performance CO₂ purification catalysts.


8. How remote work and VR support competitive teams

After 33 years with the company, Don Kyle, former sales supervisor, reflects on the changes he’s seen not only within the industry but also at Shell. Find out why Don chose Shell and what he values most about his experience.

9. How human development creates innovative energy solutions

Base Oils Application Specialist Daniel Shiosaki discusses how Shell Catalysts & Technologies leverages human intellect, creativity and practical experience in order to provide differentiated and integrated end-to-end solutions for our customers. 

10. Why refinery technical services rely on dynamic teams

Don Campbell, Hydroprocessing/Hydrocracking Business Manager for the Americas, shares how a culture of collaboration, diversity and encouraging mentorship cultivates top talent and enables Shell Catalysts & Technologies to deliver leading, integrated solutions for customers.

Energy transition 

11. How global energy producers can emerge stronger from market challenges

Andy Gosse, President of Shell Catalysts & Technologies, shares how global energy producers can emerge stronger from 2020’s challenging market conditions.

12. Gas processing technology: Providing more and cleaner energy solutions

Curious about the production of clean natural gas? In this feature, Justin Swain discusses how industry, governments and societies have collaborated over the last 30 years to significantly reduce harmful emissions.

13. What energy transition means to Shell Catalysts & Technologies

We intend to cut the carbon intensity of the energy products we sell, in step with society as it moves towards the goals of the Paris Agreement. That means fewer greenhouse gases emitted on average with each unit of energy we sell. Kathren Murray, General Manager of New Business Development discusses how Shell Catalysts & Technologies is embracing the energy transition.

14. Making Every Molecule Matter on-demand webinar and Q&A

Which decarbonisation strategies are industries adopting today? Read the Q&A with our experts and watch our energy transition webinar to tune into the discussion on future energy systems, materials circularity and the potential price of carbon.

Refinery and petrochemical catalysts 

15. Creating value for EO/EG plant owners and operators through catalyst & process optimisation

In this blog post, Scott Baker, Global Intellectual Property Manager, explores the ground-breaking discoveries in EO/EG catalyst science.

16. The challenges of leadership: Maintaining innovation in ethylene oxide production

Peter Stewart, Ethylene Oxide Global Business Manager, shares how Shell’s world-class researchers have challenged paradigms through innovation for over 80 years.

17. Unlock refinery performance with nano-engineered zeolite hydrocracking catalyst technology

In this Q&A with Sal Torrisi, Hydrocracking Market Manager, explore his insights on the current constraints of hydrocrackers and how Shell’s new nano-engineered catalyst technology can create valuable opportunities for refiners. 

18. Trade Release: Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ C2 Front-End Selective Hydrogenation Catalyst chosen by three largest petrochemical plants in China

Explore why the three largest petrochemical plants in China selected Shell Catalysts & Technologies as their catalyst supplier.

Refinery revamps 

19. Thriving in the new reality: Roundtable on refinery revamp projects in the Americas

Three of our experts share their perspectives on the current challenges and future outlook for refineries in North and South America.

20. Optimising refinery operations with collaboration and digitisation

In challenging market conditions, it’s crucial to maximise value from your existing assets. Perry Lea, Senior Account Executive, discusses the critical roles of collaboration and digitalisation in refinery optimisation.

Learn how refiners can respond to market challenges while protecting their competitive advantage. Explore our Revamps Knowledge Hub.