PetroChina Tarim supported by Shell Catalysts & Technologies

Seamless startup at PetroChina Tarim supported by Shell Catalysts & Technologies

C2 FE selective hydrogenation catalyst used at 600 KTA ethane feed grassroots ethylene plant 塔里木石化60万吨每年乙烷制乙烯装置完美无缝的开工应用壳牌碳二加氢催化剂

By Shell Catalysts & Technologies on Nov 29, 2021

The Tarim Ethane to Ethylene Project of PetroChina has achieved a fast and successful startup using Shell Catalysts & Technologies (SC&T) C2 FE selective hydrogenation catalyst. Located in Korla, China the facility is PetroChina’s first 600 kilotons per annum (KTA) ethane feed grassroots ethylene plant.

SC&T C2 FE selective hydrogenation catalyst was selected by Petrochina for the core catalyst unit. The catalyst has proven to provide reliable operation at multiple feed sources and various operating conditions. These features ensure ethylene producers can gain higher yield from excellent ethylene selectivity and also stability features which provide extra confidence in day-to-day operations. 壳牌碳二加氢催化剂很荣幸被选为该装置和核心催化单元,该催化剂针对不用的原料及操作条件均可提供稳定的操作,得益于高乙烯选择性从而使得乙烯装置能够有更多的乙烯收率,于此同时催化剂的高稳定性特征也为日常操作提供了更多的信心。

“The SC&T technical service engineers and the startup team demonstrated strong operational excellence and flawless execution, which enabled a fast plant startup within 11 hours from furnace feed until getting on specification ethylene product,” said Shaolin Li, ethylene plant manager of PetroChina Tarim.

“We are delighted to extend the long-term collaboration with Petrochina and the ‘Right First Time’ startup at PetroChina Tarim is a significant achievement,” said Agnes Lim, Marketing Manager of Specialty Catalyst, SC&T. “Besides the operational excellence, SC&T is always looking for opportunities to help decarbonise our industry and the reduction of flaring helps contribute to these efforts.”
壳牌特种催化剂市场经理Lim Agnes 提到“我们很高兴于中石油展开长期合作,塔里木石化的一次开车成功是一项重大的成就;除了卓越的运营,壳牌一直在寻找机会来帮助石油化工行业减少碳排放而努力。

Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers catalysts for both the removal of acetylene in front end (FE) and tail end (TE) operations. In FE applications, the catalysts exhibit exceptional selectivity and stability performance in a wide variety of process configurations. The catalysts are characterised by industry-leading stability in both selectivity and activity. Their extremely wide operating window allows for the safe operation in the widest range of CO concentrations. In a variety of unit designs, Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ catalyst will continue to operate effectively throughout cracker maintenance cycles. In TE applications, Shell Catalysts & Technologies catalyst exhibits proven stability under the high conversion demands required to achieve stringent outlet acetylene targets.