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Shell Catalysts & Technologies Successfully Commercialises Its Latest Generation XI Catalyst OparisNext in Ningbo Zhongjin

Learn more about the Oparis catalyst and its recent introduction to the China market through Ningbo Zhongjin.

By Shell Catalysts & Technologies on Aug 27, 2021

Shell Catalysts & Technologies Successfully Commercialises Its Latest Generation XI Catalyst OparisNext in Ningbo Zhongjin

Shell Catalysts & Technologies (SC&T) successfully commercialises OparisNext, the latest generation catalyst, at Ningbo Zhongjin PetroChemical Co, Ltd. Ningbo Zhongjin, one of the leading paraxylene (PX) producers in China.

Over the past decades, the Oparis series has offered proven catalytic benefits for key PX producers, resulting in more efficient operations and huge financial benefits. With the latest patented zeolite innovation in the OparisNext catalyst, it serves as the fundament of attaining high ethylbenzene conversion while achieving excellent PX-ate at high space velocity (refer to charts shown below). These performance indicators are crucial in maximising margins and strengthening the competitive position of the complex in the PX industry.

Pilot Plant data
Standard test with standard feed
PX-ATE, % 92.1 93.9 96.6 97.4
Relative k value EB conversation, % 100 184 205 340
Relative C8R loss, % 100 94 72 69
Relative gas make, % 100 78 74 36

“We are very glad to be the first user of OparisNext, very happy to see that all the performance data can meet the guarantees. The excellent EthyleneBenzene (EB) conversion, low C8 ring loss are helping Ningbo Zhongjin to maximise operating margin. (We) believe the new catalyst will help us (be) more competitive in the PX market in China,” said Mr Li Libo, Operating Vice-President of Ningbo Zhongjin. Having total PX capacity of 1600 kta, the EthyleneBenzene Reformer (EBR) unit has undergone a catalyst changeout to OparisNext and successfully commissioned in 2021 with stellar performance results exceeding guarantee requirements.

In addition to the high-performance catalyst, Shell Catalysts and Technologies also offers excellent dedicated technical support to its customers to maximise the long-term profitability of the site and thereby maintaining its stronghold market share in China. “We are pleased to see the successful commercialisation of OparisNext in Ningbo Zhongjin. We are also very glad to see our market-leading EBR catalyst being the key to maximise their returns since 2005,” said Ms Agnes Lim, Marketing Manager of Specialty Catalyst, SC&T.

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As of mid 2021, SC&T maintains two-thirds of its EBR catalyst inventory in China and expected to grow given the successful commercialisation of OparisNext catalyst.