Hydroprocessing Reactor Internals and Service

Pair Hydroprocessing Reactor Internals with Expert-Level Service for Profitable Projects and Revamps

By Chris Egby on Mar 4, 2020

A highly-successful refining operation requires both state-of-the-art hardware and expert-level technologists. We at Shell Catalysts & Technologies believe that installing or upgrading to progressive reactor internals is a critical step towards achieving optimal profits, but understand that hardware alone can only get an operation so far. True refining and petrochemical excellence requires experience and expertise, in combination with state-of-the-art hardware in various applications.

Due to the ever-changing complex nature of refining challenges, developing performant solutions necessitates having a broad base of empirical knowledge to pull from. Shell Catalysts & Technologies has developed this knowledge by leading hydroprocessing reactor internal innovations for decades. Learn more about the track record below.

Hydroprocessing Reactor Internals

Shell Catalysts & Technologies has developed a wide range of reactor internals to address the many challenges refiners face:

  • Shell High Dispersion (HD) Trays
    • help to prevent radial temperature maldistribution by enhancing vapour–liquid distribution and achieving close to 100% catalyst utilisation
  • Shell Ultra-flat Quench (UFQ) Interbed Internals
    • for uniform gas-liquid redistribution and quench mixing between catalyst beds
  • Shell Catalysts Support Grids
    • designed for low maintenance requirements

This is just a snapshot of the internals available to Shell Catalysts & Technologies customers. We’ve applied these solutions to solve many problems. For example, technologists at the Shell Martinez refinery recognized performance indicators that signified repeated pressure drop build-up with their CFH guard beds, which lead to stunted run lengths and poor end-of-run performance. Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ reactor internals, combined with close collaboration between Martinez technologists and Shell experts, lead to remarkable results.

To learn more about how modern reactor internals can be leveraged to effectively address these circumstances, download Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ High Dispersion Trays Case Study.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies Expert-Level Service

As noted by the case study linked above, a reactor’s performance is affected by many different factors. Careful analysis of performance data, detailed modeling, and the use of an extensive knowledge database allowed Shell Catalysts & Technologies reactor internals experts to make data-driven hardware decisions.

Before undergoing any revamp or installation project, the Shell Catalysts & Technologies team works with refining partners to set clear objectives and goals to ensure cross-team alignment from the outset. Our reactor internals technologists also benefit from potential collaboration with industry-leading Shell Catalysts & Technologies teams specializing in FCC internals, Shell Turbo Trays, and more.

Speak to a Reactor Internals Expert

Are you attempting to extend your cycle length? Are you battling pressure drop increases? Do you need your hydroprocessing unit to perform better or increase its duty, without adding additional reactors or major changes in configuration? If so, start a conversation with a Shell Catalysts & Technologies Reactor Internals expert. We look forward to developing custom solutions with your team.