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Trade release: Shell Catalysts & Technologies to supply ethylene oxide catalyst to Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical

Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical has selected Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ ethylene oxide catalyst and technical services to help maximise returns.

By Shell Catalysts & Technologies on Apr 25, 2021

Shell Catalysts & Technologies will supply ethylene oxide catalyst to Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical after demonstrating high selectivity, desired reliability and advantageous lifetime of its catalyst. This will help to maximise returns for the company which manufactures chemical new materials and fine chemicals. An additional key element of the agreement includes providing technical services utilising Shell’s upstream and downstream expertise. 

“We are pleased that Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical is turning to Shell Catalyst & Technologies’ market-leading ethylene oxide catalysts as the key to maximize their returns,” said Peace Chen, China Head of EO Catalysts Business with Shell Catalysts & Technologies. “Our high-performance ethylene oxide catalysts offer both high selectivity and advantageous lifetimes, allowing customers to manage their units in their preferred way and to stay profitable.”

Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical, located in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, is the leading company specialised in researching and manufacturing ethylene oxide derivatives and fine chemicals in China. The total ethylene oxide capacity of units one and two is 180 kilo tons per annum.

“We look forward to the benefits that the ethylene oxide catalyst from Shell Catalysts & Technologies will provide,” said Sun Jiaxing, General Manager with Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical. “We are also pleased to be working closely with their technical support team to maximize efficiencies at our plant.”

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Over the last decade, China has been at the forefront in global investment in new ethylene oxide and Mono-ethylene glycol capacity. For much of this time, while margins were strong, the goal was to build quickly at an affordable price. However, recent market challenges are causing the focus to turn to optimisation of operations. Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers low-capital revamp opportunities that can deliver high returns quickly and help refiners find new opportunities.