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Traditional trays and packing can be limited when it comes to gas and liquid hydraulic capacity as well as mass transfer capabilities. Thanks to an innovative contacting principle, which addresses flooding and entrainment which limit tray capacity, operators are now better able to utilise trays to promote mass transfer within a mixing box. On top of those mixing boxes, swirl tubes separate gas and liquid thereby allowing the solvent to flow back to the tray.

Macroscopically, on the column scale, liquid and gas flow counter-currently. However, on each tray within each element, gas, and liquid are actually flowing concurrently. The working principle of the trays brings two significant advantages:

Higher gas and liquid handling capacity as turbulence and high velocities are needed in the mixing boxes Improved mass transfer as near equilibrium is reached within the mixing boxes due to large liquid /gas ratio and the intense mixing.

On some applications, there is up to 80% capacity increase and an increased ability to manage higher CO2 concentrations. Additionally, the smaller column (30% diameter reduction, 50% weight reduction), which improves constructibility. For offshore units, the robust design is resistant to sloshing (due to tilt and yaw), and a compact column design with low plot space.

A team of Shell employees walks through a site before installing Shell trays.

Uncover improved reactor performance while minimising costs.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies has an extensive portfolio of trays which enable longer cycle lengths and improve product specification accuracy while offering shorter and safer installation.

The optimised mechanical design of these trays, developed over years of study and design improvement, provide give operators keys to improve return on investments. Ultimately, Shell trays offer improved reactor performance while minimising capital expenditure and investment costs. Working with Shell Catalysts & Technologies means access to some of the world’s finest refinery technologists. We’ll give recommendations to you on which of our holistic tray and reactor internal solutions would most meet your needs.

Natural Gas Purification

Meet the ever-increasing demands of the energy transition by leveraging Shell Catalysts & Technologies' licenses natural gas purification technology.

North Atlantic Refining Case Study - Shell Filter Trays & Top-Bed Grading Systems Case Study

Installing Shell’s combined Filter/High-Dispersion trays, and Shell top-bed grading systems can significantly reduce pressure drop issues and increase cycle length.

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