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For more than 70 years, Shell Catalysts & Technologies has used FCC R&D programs, combined with its FCC operating experience, to develop FCC technologies that deliver high performance and robust reliability in a wide range of FCC operations. Shell’s team of FCC experts are knowledgeable in all aspects of FCC design and operation and can assist refiners to determine the best solution for their FCC units, whether that be through small revamps, large grassroots projects, troubleshooting operations or unit monitoring.

Meeting the Needs of a Changing Market

Gasoline demand is weakening as diesel becomes more widely used. At the same time, propylene demand is soaring and the steam cracking route is unable to keep up. In response, Shell Catalysts & Technologies has developed the MILOS (Middle distillate and Lower Olefins Selective) process.

In addition, Shell Catalysts & Technologies is conducting research on coprocessing of atypical feedstocks into FCC units. Shell’s full slate of FCC technology is available to address the refiner’s coprocessing needs.

Leveraging Expertise in Multiple Technologies for the Best Refinery Solution

Shell Catalysts & Technologies has many technologies that are associated with the FCC unit, such as FCC Pre-treatment and Distillation, as well as experts in the design and operation of associated equipment and materials, that can be utilised to develop an integrated offering that maximises the refiner’s overall profit margins and best fits the needs of the refinery.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies FCC portfolio includes the following licensed hardware and modeling as well as technical services.

A worker turns a valve used in fluidised catalytic cracking

Our FCC units outperform the industry average in every reliability-related benchmarking measure.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ FCC units outperform the industry average in every reliability-related benchmarking measure.

This includes increased profitability, improved reliability, and reduced emissions. They also exceed the industry average for availability, despite running with Conradson carbon levels significantly above average. And, where permitted, they typically run for four to five years between shutdowns.

Integrate FCC Pretreat and FCC units to unlock value

Are you running your FCC-PT and FCC units in isolation? Discover how unit integration can boost reliability and margins in this interactive resource.

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Hydrotreating Technology

Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ hydrotreating process combines advanced technology, high-performance catalyst systems, and efficient reactor internal designs to address challenges.

Hydrocracking Technology

Shell hydrocracking technology provides several commercial benefits for refineries including improvements in product yield, unit stability, and enhanced turnaround times.

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