Refineries are facing a dynamic business environment with volatile crude prices, higher demand for lighter products, and tightening product legislation and emission standards. Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ licensed technologies help refiners increase capacities, take advantage of opportunity crudes, and meet stringent specifications across all refinery processes.

We develop optimised process unit designs and catalyst systems that fit your refinery configuration. Use our solutions to respond to product demand shifts and changes in crude oil source, as well as local market conditions, to improve performance and increase profitability.

Increase Capacity

Gain crucial output with reactor internals, FCC equipment, distillation trays, separators, and a wide range of industry-leading technology. We work with you to develop tailored solutions that fit your individual unit design and capacity goals.

Leverage Opportunity Crudes

Take advantage of heavy, high-sulphur, and acidic opportunity crudes. Shell has accumulated vast expertise on how to integrate the technology blocks, whether they are hydrodesulphurisation, hydrocracking, coking, solvent deasphalting (DAO),visbreaking units or gasification process, to achieve the most cost-effective operation for a given crude and product slate.

Meet Emissions Standards and Product Specifications

We address many of the challenges refinery and petrochemical operators face, including changing standards like IMO 2020, liquid product or gas emissions specifications. Our technologies are developed in response to these and other challenges complex process plants face in demanding operating environments.

Fulfill Health, Safety, and Environmental Mandates

Create a facility that is adaptable to the changing feedstock slate, maximises product flexibility, and enjoys high on-stream utilisation and best-in-class health, safety and environment performance.

Crude Oil Processing workers at Sarnia Manufacturing Centre

Technology Developed in Response to Real-Time Challenges

As an owner/operator, we support Shell’s global downstream network and have accumulated first-hand experience with refinery challenges and integrating technology blocks. Our technologies are developed specifically to resolve the challenges that emerge when operating complex process plants in demanding operating environments.

SO2 Scrubbing System

Cost-effective and reliable sulphur degassing while meeting more demanding sulphur dioxide (SO2) emission requirements.

Refining Technologies

Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ has a wide range of solutions to lessen effects for refiners of crude prices being unstable.