How Diesel Dewaxing Improves Cold Flow Properties

For regions with a colder climate, it is essential that flow properties like cloud point, pour point, and cold filter plugging point are optimised during the winter months. This is required for industrial applications as well as domestic uses like automotive and heating oil.

Normal paraffins have a detrimental effect on the low-temperature properties of diesel fuels. When lower-end boiling points are expected, like those often seen in western Europe, long-chain paraffins in diesel fuels can still be a problem. Without expensive additives, long-chain paraffins result in unacceptable cold flow properties.

The Shell Diesel Dewaxing process improves cold flow properties by selective hydroisomerisation and hydrocracking of normal and slightly branched-paraffins.

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Shell Diesel Dewaxing technology has enabled refineries to produce ultra-low-sulphur diesel that meets stringent diesel specifications and the required cold flow properties for winter grade diesel. It continues to help refineries produce high yields, excellent product qualities, and differentiated operating strategies with longer cycles. As an owner-operator, Shell Catalysts & Technologies validates these innovations in global facilities, creating proven, reliable, and up-to-date technology.

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