Current and anticipated legislation throughout most of the developed world suggests that a reduction in the amount of CO2 that industry will be allowed to emit in the future is inevitable. Meanwhile, the world’s energy demand is expected to increase by nearly 50% by 2030, and fossil fuels such as Natural Gas are likely to be a significant portion of the world’s energy mix for many years to come.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies has developed a patented CO2 capture technology utilising a regenerable amine that offers cutting-edge performance, including low parasitic energy consumption, fast kinetics and extremely low volatility. The proprietary amine technology captures the CO2 from the flue gas and releases it as a pure stream, which is delivered to the client for sale into the EOR and commodity markets or for eventual sequestration.

The technology can help oil & gas, power, and other industries:

  • Lower carbon intensity and meet stringent greenhouse gas abatement regulations by removing CO2 from their exhaust streams
  • Lower SO2 and NO2 emissions
  • Sell or reuse pure CO2 as a marketable by-product
  • Avoid landfill and legacy environmental issues
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Reduce carbon intensity and limit both SO2 and NO2 emissions with Shell CANSOLV CO2 capture technology

Our reliable solutions can assist with product specifications and restrictive emission limits within a lower cost structure. Our assurance is to provide customised economic solutions to our clients' environmental and regulatory problems, leveraging Shell’s experience across the entire CCS value chain. For more information, please submit the form below.

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Natural Gas Processing

Remove CO2, COS, H2S, and other sulphur compounds using Shell Catalyst & Technologies’ amine gas treatment technologies and processes.

Claus Off-Gas Treating (SCOT) Process

Refineries have lowered operating costs and extended cycle lengths by installing our technologies and catalysts in Claus tail-gas treating units.

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