Shell Catalysts & Technologies has a strategic alliance with Zeton. They have supported IH² technology with modular design and fabrication of the STCB bench-, pilot- and demonstration-scale plants.

Throughout their involvement, Zeton worked closely with both GTI and Shell to understand specific requirements for the various scale IH² process plants. Zeton’s expertise in modular process plant design and construction will also assist in streamlining these aspects for licensed plants in the 500 tonne/day feedstock designs.

About Zeton

Zeton is the world-leading designer and builder of innovative lab scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants, and small modular commercial plants. Located in Burlington, ON, Canada, and Enschede, The Netherlands, Zeton has completed over 700 projects, more than 35 of which were demonstration plants. Since 1986, Zeton has helped its customers to bring their new technology and processes to market.