Biofuels and renewables are keystone energies for meeting the mobility demands of the 21st-century without creating rampant CO2 emissions. By 2050, three-quarters of humanity will live in a city. This places even more importance on decarbonising the transportation sector. Adjusting the energy mix will be crucial to living sustainably, protecting the environment and supporting the aims of the Paris Agreement.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies is committed to supporting its partners through the energy transition and offers various biofuels technologies in that vein. These solutions offer refiners and energy producers a proven approach to meeting renewable mandates and blending obligations. From the Shell Renewable Refining Process to Shell Fiber Conversion Technology, Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ team of experts can help you build an informed decarbonisation roadmap given your unique constraints that capitalises on these renowned solutions.

Shell Renewable Refining Process

Learn more about the class-leading isomerisation catalysts and unique pretreatment add-ons that differentiates SRRP’s affordability and effectiveness from competing solutions.

Shell Fiber Conversion Technology

Ethanol producers can increase margins by creating higher-value products with Shell Fiber Conversion Technology, while also generating carbon trading credits and RINs


Co-processing renewable feedstock can be a low to no capital cost response for producing hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).

IH² Technology

Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ IH² Technology uses hydropyrolysis and hydroconversion to turn non-food organic residues into transportation fuels.

Integrated Hydropyrolysis and Hydroconversion

Convert a wide range of organic wastes to liquid hydrocarbon transportation fuels efficiently.

IH² Demonstration Facility

Operating at 5 metric tonnes per day, this facility converts forestry, agricultural and urban waste into fungible hydrocarbon transportation fuels.

Biomass to Fuels: IH² Commercial Process Optimisation

More than 30 process and catalyst patents have resulted from efforts at Shell Technology Centre Bangalore in collaboration with GTI.

Biofuels: Trends and advantages of renewable energy

To learn more about the trends and advantages of biofuel technologies like the Shell Renewable Refining Process and Shell Fiber Conversion Technology, download our energy transition report.

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