Meeting Sulphur Recovery Demands Without Increasing Energy Consumption

Having a well-operated Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU) using Claus and Tail gas units (the later also knows as SCOT unit), are increasingly important as operators strive to meet their sulphur emissions mandates and lowering energy consumption. Although these processes can provide greater than 99.9% sulphur recovery, careful selection of the catalyst is necessary to ensure optimum performance and process economics.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies has expanded to provide a complementary portfolio of SRU catalyst solutions. Shell has augmented its portfolio in collaboration with Euro Support to offer Claus and Titania catalysts, presenting the best-combined value on the market. Our combined catalyst solution (Claus and Tail Gas catalyst) for the SRU cut costs, increase performance and extend cycle lengths. We pride ourselves on the unique extended customer service and collaboration to build solutions because we know that cost, performance and cycle length matters to you.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ 234, 534, 834 and 934 Tail Gas treating catalysts account for close to 70% of the world’s installed capacity. They are installed in over 270 reactors worldwide, including nearly all of the industry’s largest units.


Catalyst Applications Description
099 Catalytic Incineration Used for the low-temperature oxidation of the sulphur compounds in Claus tail gas and tail gas processes selectively to SO2.
234 Claus Tail Gas Low-temperature and low-density TRILOBE catalyst used for the reduction and hydrolysis of the sulphur compounds in Claus tail gases to H2S.
534 Claus Tail Gas Higher density, very strong, lowest pressure drop spherical catalyst used for the reduction and hydrolysis of the sulphur compounds in Claus tail gases to H2S.
834 Claus Tail Gas High activity lowest temperature catalyst with low-pressure drop, operated in TGU reactors at RIT less than 220°C (428°F).
934 Claus Tail Gas Highest active low temperature tail gas catalyst with maximize hydrolysis and hydrogenation performance even as low as 200°C (392°F)
Workers survey a portion of the Quest unit at the Scotford Upgrader

Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers a range of tail gas treating catalysts.

We closely work with our customer to selected the most appropriate catalyst for each individual unit. In addition we are able to support our customers with optimising the treatment processes in terms of the hardware involved and maximise plant performance by optimizing operating conditions.

Residue Upgrading Catalysts

Dealing with the bottom of the barrel is high on the refining industry’s agenda. Effective use of catalysts is key.

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