Advanced renewables catalysts portfolio for HVO units

The Shell Renewables Catalysts (SRC) portfolio combines our newest generation of catalysts that have been specifically designed to maximise product yields and flow properties for 100% HVO units processing a wide range of feeds.

We know that processing biofeeds presents severe operational challenges. These range from the accumulation of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the recycle gas, fouling and plugging, through to high yield losses due to dewaxing.

These difficulties bring a risk of short cycles, high costs and lower distillate and jet yields. Further, they will increase as it becomes necessary to process even more challenging feeds in the future.

Our SRC portfolio has been developed to offer a holistic solution to our customers. We can tailor catalyst systems to work within operating constraints and help maximise value. This new portfolio also includes our step-out SRC-201 catalyst – our latest renewables catalyst that has been engineered with superior HDO selectivity and with first-stage dewaxing and isomerisation capabilities.

By stacking our renewables catalysts in different combinations in either one- or two-stage HVO units, our SRC portfolio offers a bespoke renewables catalyst solution that can also be tailored to a range of feeds, from vegetable oils and animal fats to used cooking oil and other advantageous feedstocks, according to your objectives and unit constraints.

By refilling your HVO unit with a combination of our renewables catalyst, you can:

  • enhance the performance and profitability of your HVO unit;
  • increase distillate and jet yields;
  • maximise catalyst activity; and
  • process a wider range of challenging biofeeds.

Our renewables catalyst system has been developed through intensive R&D and builds on Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ track record of developing industry-leading catalyst solutions. And the development never stops: we are always refining our renewables catalyst products to meet the changing demands of the HVO market.

The SRC portfolio will be featured in one of Europe’s largest biofuels facilities

The SRC portfolio is at the heart of the Shell Renewable Refining Process, licensed by Shell Catalysts & Technologies, and will be used by the new 820,000 t/y hydroprocessed esters and fatty acids unit at the Shell Pernis refinery in the Netherlands, which will start up in 2024.

SRC-201 Fact Sheet

SRC-201 Fact Sheet

Learn about the SRC HDO-selective catalyst with dewaxing capabilities.

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Latest-generation Catalysts

Latest-generation Catalysts

Discover how you can maximise yields and handle a wide range of biofeeds with our SRC portfolio.

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Refiners can make profitable renewable fuels, comply with biofuels legislation and generate trading credits with our HVO technology, the Shell Renewable Refining Process.


Co-processing renewable feedstock can be a low to no capital cost response for producing hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).


Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ IH² technology uses hydropyrolysis and hydroconversion to turn non-food organic residues into transportation fuels.

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