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Through technological expertise and collaborative solutions, Shell Catalysts & Technologies enables refiners to maximize Hydrocracking performance

Shell Catalysts & Technologies hydrocracking catalysts not only have been in use for decades, but they can be currently found in about 850 hydrotreating units around the world used for product quality upgrading and hydrocracker pretreatment.

These solutions provide refiners with valuable feedstock and product slate flexibility. Several businesses have taken this flexibility to the next level.

Many have adapted their hydrocracking units to handle extreme feeds, while others have transformed their operations and strategies to take advantage of new business opportunities in oil to chemicals (OTC), clean fuels or lubricant base oils. In so doing, these refiners have unlocked some real performance differentiators and transformed the economics of their assets.

Advanced Catalysts for Comprehensive Value

Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers a broad range of zeolite catalysts to satisfy a variety of refinery hydrocracking objectives. We also provide the pretreatment catalysts that are vital to preserving the function of the main cracking catalysts.

We work closely with refiners to select the most appropriate hydrocracking and pretreatment catalysts. This involves a detailed analysis in which reference will be made to feedstock quality; the desired product slate; the design of the hydrocracker and its normal operating regime; the amount of hydrogen available; and the target cycle length. Process modelling and pilot plant trials are part of the toolbox used to pinpoint the best catalysts for individual hydrocrackers and also to develop the most effective unit operating strategy.

Catalysts Type/Application Description
CENTERA GT® DN-3622 NiMo Pretreat Catalyst CENTERA GT® DN-3622 is Shell Catalysts & Technologies latest generation, highest performance, highest stability NiMo catalyst for hydrocracker pretreat. DN-3622 is ideal catalyst for high severity hydrocracking applications to maximize nitrogen removal and fully unlock the capabilities of Zeolyst™ advanced hydrocracking catalysts.
ASCENT® DN-3552 NiMo Pretreat Catalyst AscentDN-3552 is a high performance/high stability NiMo catalyst providing ideal activity for pre-treat and post-treat applications across a wide range of feedstocks.
Zeolyst Z-HD series Maximum Distillate The Z-HD series of catalysts combine mild hydrocracking activity with highest middle distillate selectivity to maximize product yields.
Zeolyst Z-MD series Middle Distillate Selective The Z-MD series of catalysts offer exceptionally high selectivity to distillate products with balanced cracking activity and superior product quality.
Zeolyst Z-FX series Flexible Middle Distillate/ Naphtha Selective The Z-FX series of catalysts provides high cracking activity with flexible jet/ diesel/ naphtha selectivity to optimize unit performance across multiple modes of operation.
Zeolyst Z-NP series Naphtha Selective The Z-NP series of catalysts are the highest activity, naphtha selective products characterized by minimal light ends production
Zeolyst MACH series Molecular Access for Hydrocracking The MACH series of catalysts are powered by a proprietary new zeolite technology which optimizes pore structure to provide unprecedented efficiency of heavy feed cracking to desired product range

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