more in refinery catalysts

Renewables Catalysts

Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ patented portfolio of renewables catalysts can help refiners unlock next-level performance from their hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) units.

Catalyst Grading & Poison Control

Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers a portfolio of protective solutions to reduce the effects of contaminants that can negatively impact ROI.

Naphtha Catalysts

We determine the best reactor loading strategies based on naphtha composition and design of individual process unit to achieve results.

Distillate Hydrotreating Catalysts

Distillate hydrotreating can help refiners achieve complex demands set out by clean fuels legislation through effective hydrodesulphurisation (HDS).

Hydrocracking Catalysts

Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers leading-edge hydrocracking catalysts coupled with outstanding technical service.

Residue Upgrading Catalysts

Dealing with the bottom of the barrel is high on the refining industry’s agenda. Effective use of catalysts is key.

Base Oils

Shell Catalysts & Technologies has a proven record of delivering high yields and enhanced quality lubricant base oils.

Tail Gas Treating Catalysts

Refineries have reported lower operating costs, extended cycle lengths and reduced pressure drops as a result of installing Shell catalysts.

FCC Pretreat Catalysts

FCC Pretreat catalysts and unit designs help refiners develop solutions that will maximise their facility’s profitability within their specific constraints.